Who cares about history? What good is it? These questions are asked too frequently.

There is entertainment. The best stories of the ages are largely true events or adapted from things, which really happened. The stories of legend may not be literally true journalistic events, but are created out of actual human experience. The basis of everything we may are be learned in history. This makes a great source for good stories! But why is that?

There is character and human experience. All of our human values may be illustrated from examples taught from history. It has been said, “the only thing new in the world, is the history you don’t know”. When we learn of history, we identify the stories with our own feelings and life challenges. We learn that we are not alone in our struggle, but share the same kinds of feelings and experiences with every generation that has lived.

It is a road map for life. As students of history, we can become wise beyond our years. Each past generation were humans, just as we are. We share the same basic needs, feelings and goals. Many folks believe what happens today has never happened before. This is true, in the strict sense that the events of our lives occupy single moments on a time line, ever moving into the future. However, study history and you will discover that there are many examples provided that demonstrate the same kinds of challenges we face today. Some of their choices turned out well. Some of their choices turned out disastrous. Wouldn’t you prefer to know which choices turned out well? As we move into the future, let’s avoid the proven bad choices and give great consideration to the good.

Life without history can be compared to sailing a ship without a rudder. You are sailing, but have no control of where you go or how you might control it. This website celebrates and introduces you to our past neighbors. Let’s take the opportunity to know, enjoy and learn from them. We hope our visitors may understand and appreciate the ideas, expressed here. May you all enjoy and get the most benefit out of our project!