grange141 1955
The Montague Historical Society archive resides in today’s Montague Common Hall. Formerly a Unitarin Meetinghouse (1835) and this image of the Montague Grange #141 occupation in 1955.

The Montague Historical Society is a private volunteer organization. The goal of the M.H.S. is to preserve all forms of documentation of the growth and changes in the five villages of the Town of Montague.

The Montague Historical Society archive includes materials from the Town of Montague’s five villages; Lake Pleasant, Millers Falls, Montague Center, Montague City and Turners Falls. Items in the archive have been acquired by local and outside donations. The collection resides at the Montague Common Hall (formerly Grange #141, and before that, a Unitarian meetinghouse built in 1835). This building is included in the Montague Center Historic District since 2001. The collection has been photographed or scanned, and appropriately stored by village and subject.

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Montague Historical Society Administrators:

Mary Melonis-–Archivist and Contact –

Chris Clawson–-Webmaster. Digital and Database Development, drone imagery-

Ed Gregory–-Historian, Digital Preservation and contact.