Lost Performance Returns!

Cecil Anderson (The Duke of Iron) forgotten performance is restored for public view!

We recently found and restored this lost performance by the great Calypso entertainer. Be sure to enjoy it with good sound and (of course) in 1080p HD quality.

This short film appears to be edited and matched to separate studio audio sound. The benefit is the song’s punch and clarity as compared to what might have been made with a live recording. The sound synchronization isn’t perfect, but it is a great recovered treasure in any case. Do any of you have more of these, ready to restore?

Just Getting Started!!

Meloware is in the process of being re-branded as Meloware Media! This site will be dedicated to the goal of producing professional digital collections on a poor person’s budget.

There are thousands of historic private collections, historical societies and tiny non-profit organizations which simply don’t have the budget to undertake a project to properly reproduce their fragile collections, and place them online. Help is on the way!

We will soon be exploring methods to copy images, sound recordings, and even old movie films. Much of our historic media was recorded on materials which will naturally disintegrate over time. This site will help those of us who are willing but underfunded save their treasures before it is too late.

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