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The Montague Reporter (Turners Falls/Montague MA) newspaper just published a fine article about myself and the work I do with the digital conservation of vintage media.

She provides a link to this page, and I am somewhat embarrassed. Very little of my best efforts are reflected here. I would like to recommend that the article’s readers visit my work at:

The Museum of Our Industrial Heritage

The “Histories” section has many nice examples of ‘ancient’ photographs. These are capable of being viewed right down to the paper grain, thanks to a technology, called “Seadragon”. The “Videos” section contain a number of vintage metal industry sound films, digitized by myself. Also included is the exciting Millers Falls Tools tour, from 1943. All of these films are also part of the museum’s YouTube channel.

Meloware Media on YouTube

Not all vintage media is about industrial history. The cameras of the 19th and 20th centuries captured many aspects of life during those times. Meloware Media is where I place interesting films and tidbits of local area Franklin County MA history, but also anything else which comes my way and needs saving. Take a peek and you may find some surprises!

My biggest thanks to Charlotte Kohlmann and the Montague Reporter. You presented my ideas and purpose well. I hope your effort provides a service to our larger community.

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