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A Phonograph Record - Gramophone Parlor for the 21st Century

Over 10 Hours of Vintage Phonograph Recordings available for download

Meloware is now a Mp3 Audio download service, featuring high quality phonograph recordings from a century past. Our free sampler offers more than a half an hour of entertainment. Subscribers may access the entire collection for about 40¢ a song. Follow the links below to learn more!

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Vernon Dalhart
Country´s First Mega Star

Music of the Civil War
The Ballads of Frank Crumit
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The Meloware Antique Phonograph Record Archive has been created mostly from a personal collection of 78 rpm records, which has taken the last 30 years to accumulate. New collectors will find that it is extremely difficult and costly to produce a similar collection today.

The Mp3 files offered on this website represents some of the rarest and earliest titles from this collection. Every record has been digitally reproduced and restored by Meloware. These are NOT copies collected elsewhere from the internet.

Just for clarification, the term 'gramophone' was the original name for flat, disc records. These later became known as 78's, or 78 rpm records. The name 'phonograph' was the word given to Thomas Edison's audio recording machine. Cylinder records were what you played on a 'phonograph'. Flat, disc records were played on a 'gramophone'.

Each recording has been carefully hand-edited. On average, we spend more than an hour of engineering time, per minute of recording, in order to repair damage and get best sound.
Our hope is, that even a trained ear will not be able to tell where our work has been done. These records are presented in the most original form possible.

You may view the phonograph record master list, which includes many titles not yet restored. You are welcome to contact us with questions about any titles not yet available.

The un-restored database explanations, keyword search path is here . This database is also available as a tab delimited text file for downloads here, or in Zip format here.
Western Electric 4A phonograph record reproducer Find out why we use a 75 year old instrument to make our transfers!
Theatre Manual for Sound Having Trouble Showing Your Talking Picture?

You had better study up with this 1928 Theatre Manual for Sound

This is an Online Reproduction of the Actual Manual Used in Theatres

It contains complete descriptions to perform any of the 'Talking Picture' films, from the late 1920's

With Illustrations

Our Recording/Restoration Philosophy, and Methods

Here is some technical information about how to transfer records to computer

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Enter Midifiles Blender 3D Animation Stuff

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